Friday, September 23, 2016

He Validated Me By DeVonne Reed

DeVonne Reed

I KNOW, I am not the only one who has ever asked these questions.

WHY can't people just be themselves? AndWhy cant they STOP playing their childish games?

I have never been in competition with ANYONE, and I believe, I am too old to start now.  LOL!
I am the one and only, the original version of

Guess what? I decided many years ago, that I would never be a fake or phony. I am the real deal. You see, you have a choice,  you get to choose whether you will love  me or not. I'll accept your decision, but dont make the mistake of thinking you can continue to waltz in and out of my heart and life, when you choose to. Access will be denied. Move on, IF you can't or won't LOVE me sincerely, honestly and truthfully with all of your heart.

But, if you say you you LOVE me, then you have to LOVE everything about me, or else your LOVE is based on a condition, and CONDITIONAL LOVE IS NOTHING!
It simply means you do not LOVE me at all!   Wouldn't you agree?

I have always been myself, and I will always, alway been me!
I have not changed. Perhaps you have.
Yes, I am confident through Jesus, and I will continue to be who I am.

So, why don't you JUST BE YOU?!
People will like you more, IF you will just be honest and truthful with them.
Perhaps you will find that they will love you more by just by being you!

You can't be me, and I do not desire to be you.
I am already taken and my shoes fit my feet, perfectly.
I am me, and I am the best at being me.

You may think I am boasting or bragging...I am, but not because of is only IN  and through Jesus Christ that I can say these things.
Another reason I say these things, is because, you do not know the cost of the oil in my Alabaster Box. No, you don't know the cost of my praise. And because I do know this, it is how I KNOW, who and what I am today.

Because, I BELIEVED and I fully TRUSTED GOD with my life as a small child. Yes, way back then, and I TRUST HIM. HE has never failed me yet... that is why I trust HIM MORE today, than I did yesterday.

HE showed me at a very early age, that I belong to HIM.
NO, I never said I was perfect. Yes, I have made plenty of mistakes in my life, and I am grateful, Oh yes, I am, I thank God for granting forgiveness to me, each time I carried my wounded, bleeding heart and soul to HIM. As I was falling at HIS feet HE WAS and HE IS STILL FAITHFUL TO me.

I know this... IF I should stumble and fall today...I am convinced that IF I ask, for forgiveness, I will be forgiven. Thank you FATHER, for the precious blood that still flows from Emmanuel's veins, that washes away all of our sins, and makes us as white as the fresh fallen snow.

Since HE is the Potter, we are HIS clay. HE picks us up all of the fragments of our brokenness, HE does not throw us away, HE lovingly places us upon HIS wheel. Remodeling, molding and making something beautiful out of us even though we are an old broken vessel. HE chips away all of the rough edges, and fills in the cracks, smoothing us, as he is forming us into HIS image.
I am GRATEFUL knowing that HE STILL Loves and cares so much about us, to never leave us in our brokenness, but HE will continually hold us in HIS hands.

It is then that we become a new creation in HIM. The old is gone, and the new has come! All things new!

Yes, I am still who HE says I am.
Yes, told me to look in my mirror again this morning. He gently spoke to my heart and HE told me, "My Daughter, You Are My BELOVED, You Are MINE! You Are ACCEPTED. You Are BLESSED, And You Are HIGHLY FAVORED."
Then HE SAID, "You Are My Child, You Are BEYOUTIFULLYOU." I believe HIM!
HE also said, " You have a destiny to fulfill. My plan for you was from the beginning of time. So don't you worry or fret over another person's opinion of you, because I have already validated you, for I bought you with a price."

You can believe HIM too!

YES, I am the original. I am unique. I am the best, one and only me. HE calls me beautiful, and HE calls me by my name.


DeVonne ~ D's Heart  💝