Monday, March 2, 2015

PERFECT PEACE! NO Doubt or Confusion! ~ DeVonne Reed

Isaiah 26:3. NIV

I choose peace! I have PERFECT PEACE!
PEACE: HARMONIOUS; freedom from disputes.

I have kept my mind focused on the Lord. Because I recognized these two things were "trying" to overtake my mind and enter my spiritman.

1. Doubt, uncertainty, incertitude, dubiety, doubtfulness, dubiousness,
(All meaning) the state of being UNSURE of something.
2. Doubt, dubiousness, doubtfulness, question UNCERTAINTY about the TRUTH or FACTUALITY or existence of something.

1. Disorder resulting from failure to behave predictibly.
2. State characterized by a lack of clear and orderly thought and behavior.
Example: "A confusion of impressions."
3. Feeling of embarrassment that leaves you confused.
4. Act of causing a disorderly combination of elements with IDENTITIES LOST and distinctions blended.
Example: "The confusion of tongues at the Tower of Babel."
5. A mix up. A mistake that results from taking one thing to be another.

PLEASE, don't misunderstand my intention here.
BUT...Don't ASSUME YOU KNOW anything about what the Holy Spirit was speaking to me. REMEMBER, HE was speaking directly to ME, not you.
Make "NO MISTAKE, I COMPLETELY, understood what was spoken."

I want to say to those of you, that are still trying to "figure out" or think you have the interpretation of HIS WORDS TO ME...LISTEN...You do not understand, and don't know where the source of this doubt and confusion stemmed from.

I have never DOUBTED MY GOD! I have never doubted HIS WORD! NOR have I ever been CONFUSED when HE SPEAKS. I am HIS sheep, I KNOW HIS VOICE. The stranger I DO NOT and I WILL NOT FOLLOW. I FOLLOW HIM!

I have been "surrounded" by this "doubt and confusion" in a place where it should NEVER BE ALLOWED!

Insomuch, HOLY SPIRIT instructed me that I needed to... NO, wait, excuse me, HE TOLD ME, I HAD TO SEPARATE MYSELF from it and those whom it was coming through. It came through, People.

At the time, I did not, and I could not UNDERSTAND this!
Having to do this was very hard for me, BECAUSE I LOVE ALL PEOPLE, and these PEOPLE ARE people, whom I LOVE very much! But, they were THE source of my feeling, so much doubt and confusion.
HE told me to be aware and observe, my surroundings. I did. Listening and watching. I heard one thing and watching them DO the complete opposite! This brought much doubt and confusion, from them.
It was not and is not within me but, it definitely had surrounded me!

However, Holy Spirit SPOKE ,"be still!"
"BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD." I listened. I usually, do not tell anyone of my private time, alone with the Father and I speak this as humbly as I know how. I am definitely not patting myself on the back here, but I was extremely and deeply effected by this, so much in fact...I have spent hours on my face crying out to GOD, for the understanding, of it. I have wept, and shed many tears and prayed many prayers because of this. Being still there, in HIS PRESENCE, it was then HE SPOKE PEACE and HE gave me CLARITY! With CLARITY, I have seen clearly, with my spiritual eyes and heard with my spiritual ears.

I needed confirmation, and I received it! I am very thankful.
Thank GOD! There are still true prophets in our land! Setting things straight and back in order, clearly HEARING the WORD OF THE LORD, and are not afraid to speak what "Thus SAITH THE LORD!" Thereby, exposing the WRONG (EVIL). Speaking the TRUTH (GOOD). Giving RIGHT direction to all who are willing to hear.
Without any DOUBT or CONFUSION. I heard, GOD TRULY confirming HIS WORD, to me!

Romans 12:18, 21. KJV.
18. "IF" it be possible, as much as lieth in you, (it depends on you) LIVE PEACEABLY WITH ALL MEN. (Everyone).
21. Be NOT overcome of evil, but overcome evil with Good.

D'sHeart <3

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