Saturday, March 14, 2015

Bud And Blossom ~ DeVonne Reed

Good morning momma <3
I have said it before, I'll say it again, you my dear are the most beautiful girl in the world! I love you!

Today would have marked 62 years of being married to Daddy, if he were still with you.
<3 Happy Anniversary <3

I remember you telling me, about the first time you saw Daddy, you were 8 years old and Daddy was 12. You fell in love at such an early age, but looking now, God was truly setting the stage.

You always said, if you could not have Daddy, you did not want anyone else, either. Smiling.

It is amazing...even then, you knew you were his, and he was yours. You knew, that you were his one and only, and I believe, in your heart, you still are!

Could it be there really is such a thing as, "Love At First Sight?" Yes, there is!

I saw clearly, how true love is exemplified between a man and the love of his life.
Between my Daddy and Mother, this man and his wife. Thank you, Daddy and Mother.

Momma, I do not know or even begin to say that I understand, how you feel. I can only imagine how much you miss Daddy, everyday, but especially, today. I imagine, you long to see him, to hear his voice, just to touch his hand once again, and one more time, just to have him near, to hold you tight and whisper in your ear. <3

Today, I know you will reflect and recall from the memories you hold in your heart, those that you so deeply cherish and treasure. I know it will bring a smile to your face. Ahhhh yes, the memories, of your beautiful, once in a lifetime, kind of love.

I wrote this just for you.

Bud And Blossom
By: DeVonne Reed

Once upon a love story, so this story goes...
There was a beautiful, red haired little girl and a handsome little fellow.
Two young and innocent souls exchanging their shy, sweet smiles
and blushing glances.

The moment their eyes met, they knew it was fate and not just by any chances, that
their path was chosen and ordained by God above. HE gave them a seed of love.
The seed was planted deep inside their hearts of these two, and it grew.
Eight years passed. They never lost sight of one another.

Genuinely in love they married on March 14, 1953. These two became one.
This kind of love you don't see much anymore, because people think and choose, that love is not worth fighting for.

Others make a wish and have a dream, hoping to find this kind of Love.
They will have to keep on searching, because truly yours was sent with many blessings from the Father in Heaven above.

Love in full bloom, left the lingering scent, etched within my mind. Reminding me of what it means to truly give your all.

LOVE, became a bud, a fragrant flower in the stage of blossom.


  1. oh my word Bonnie! we've got to get you to writting books! this is beautiful because it comes from the very depths of your soul, I pray that all is well with sweet little mama!


    1. Thank you, Helen. I appreciate your sweet compliment! All is well. :)

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