Sunday, May 24, 2015

As A Mother Hen Gathers Her Brood.

My Cherished Memory...

I was at the beach with my children on Mother's Day which was May 10, 2015. Momma was in the hospital, it was pretty early when I called momma to wish her a Happy Mother's Day. As we were ending our conversation which was rather lengthy, I am smiling because it was the last long conversation, I had with her. She expressed to me, that she did not want me to leave my kids but she wanted me to stay and enjoy my vacation and family time. But, I felt an urgency on Monday, May 11, 2015 to get home as soon as possible. I left PCB, and arrived at the hospital that Monday evening at 6:15. I stayed with momma until mdnight. I went home.

When I returned early the next morning, Tuesday May 12, 2015. Momma and Hannah were the only ones there. I walked over to her bed she was awake. I kissed her, and I told her, "Momma, you are still the most beautiful girl in the world and I love you with all of my heart, the most, the longest, always and forever!" Then I looked her in her eyes and I said, "momma, I have one request of you."
"Momma said, "what is it baby?"
I said, "momma I want you to pray for me like you did when I was a little girl, I want to feel your hands on my head, I want to hear your prayer of love and protection over my life, again." What a priceless, and precious moment we shared that morning!
She did it, even though it was somewhat of a struggle for her, she did it! All I could do is cry. She prayed protection, blessings and told me to continue on walking with Jesus. I promised her that I would.
I will momma, I will.

I am sharing these scriptures to remind myself,  that my momma believed in the power of prayer.
She loved each one of her children the same, yet as individual as we are. She kept us under her wings of protection.

As far back, as I can remember, momma would lay her strong, and loving hands on each one of our heads, every day and pray that GOD would be a fence all around us, our shelter, and our protection. Especially, when we started going to school. As we lined up at the front door, ready and waiting for the bus to come, momma would pray, starting with Deano, like taking stairsteps she came to Carol, Marcia, me, Bobby and then Mike. Momma watched us as we were leaving and she was watching and waiting for our return. She would walk out to meet us, as we were getting off of the bus... hugging and kissing us like we had been gone on a long vacation or something. This makes me smile. :) I would like to say, I didn't place Angela in this line up, because Angie was not born at this time, but, momma did these same things to her.

You know, I cant help but think that, we will never know the snares, traps and the evil we have all been spared because of mommas prayers. I am forever grateful to her! Thankful for all she sacrificed, all that she gave, all that she instilled into our hearts and lives. Truly, GOD honored our momma's prayers. She trusted GOD to be our keeper and HE has!

Psalm 91:1-4 KJV

1. He that DWELLETH in the SECRET PLACE of the most High shall ABIDE UNDER the SHADOW of the ALMIGHTY.

2. I will say of the Lord , HE is my REFUGE and my FORTRESS: my GOD; IN HIM WILL I TRUST.

3. Surely HE shall DELIVER THEE from the snare of the fowler, and from the noisome pestilence.


Thank you momma, for gathering all of your babies and keeping us under your wings.

Love and blessings,
D's Heart <3


  1. Outstanding post with beautiful stories.

  2. Hello Bill, Thank you so much. Blessings!


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