Tuesday, May 26, 2015

SELFISH by DeVonne Reed


Definition of self·ish [sélfish] adv.

1. looking after own desires: concerned with your own interests, needs, and wishes while ignoring those of others.

2. demonstrating selfishness: showing that personal needs and wishes are thought to be more important than those of other people

SELFISHNESS: concerned ONLY with oneself.

-self·ish·ly [sélfishlee], , adv

-self·ish·ness [sélfishnəss], , n

Encarta ® World English Dictionary © & (P) 1998-2005Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Someone asked me, “why do people have to be selfish?”

I wasn’t sure how to answer. Except, people make being selfish their choice. My only alternative to giving my opinion, was to look up the word, selfish.
I took out the dictionary, I read every word that had the word "self" in it.

My, my, my...

We are who we are! Yes, It is great for me to be "myself" and you to be "yourself" as long as we are being "ourselves" without imposing our own personal desires, interests, needs and wishes on that of others.

There are times we allow our own self-importance to give us the thought that our own self-proclaimed, self-image is so much better than that of others, we ignore them to the extent, that we make them feel badly, about themselves!

There is never a time when it is okay for us to be so, self-absorbed, self-addressed, self-appointed, self-asserted, self-assured, self-centered, and self-contained, that we make other feel forced or feel like they must make the decision to live their life, as a life of "self-sacrificing" to please us!

When I am self-seeking, self-willed, self-righteous and so self-satisfied with myself, that I become overly, self confident and self-sufficient, I will most likely will become a very lonely person! It will be my own fault, that I haven’t any friends. I will not be able to blame anyone else for choosing to live my life in such a manner…as a SELFISH person!

I believe, if I truly want to see myself as others see me, I will take the time to do some serious self-searching! If I will take a long look in the mirror, (most likely I won’t like what I see) but, if I continually, look deeply inside of me, I will find what I’m looking for! I will see myself, for who and what I truly am. But, more importantly, I need to see myself as God sees me!

Yes, I choose to do daily “self-examinations” of myself! I’m positive; I will see clearly, and this will help me, to become a self-disciplined person.

Much Love.
D's Heart <3
Written by DeVonne Reed (6/13/2013.)

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