Thursday, July 16, 2015

JESUS! There's Just Something About That Name ~DeVonne Reed

JESUS! There's Just Something About That Name ~ DeVonne Reed
July 16, 2015.

What a lovely name, the name of JESUS!

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus...There's just something about HIS name!

Something so sweet, HE is indescribably delicious...oh taste and see that the LORD is GOOD!

Something so powerful, death couldn't hold HIM! Demons recognize and know Him!

JESUS, NO other name, but the name of JESUS, whereby men can be saved...what can wash away my sins NOTHING but the BLOOD of JESUS.

Something so matchless, there's no other god like HIM. You can go to the graves of other gods, their remains are still there. But, JESUS is ALIVE! HE is the RESURRECTION and the LIFE! He died, HE was buried, but thank God, on the third day the stone was rolled away, HE WALKED OUT OF THAT BORROWED TOMB. The tomb is empty!  I tell you HE'S ALIVE!

HE IS Wonderful, Counselor, the Mighty God, Everlasting Father, and the Prince of Peace!
Something so majestic, HE IS THE KING of KINGS.

The name of JESUS is full of LOVE, HE is full of mercy and grace.

He loves you and I so much. With so much love, in fact, HE was willing to take away our sins, bearing each and everyone of them, HE carried the sins of the whole world to an old rugged cross. Laying down HIS life willingly, taking our place. HE died that we may live. NO GREATER LOVE THAN THIS...That this man JESUS, laid down HIS LIFE for you and I!
HE calls us friend!

Be assured today, that no matter what the situation is, no matter how big or how bad your circumstances are, JESUS is the waymaker! Remember, HE PROMISED, HE WILL NEVER LEAVE NOR FORSAKE US.
 He'll go with us all the way! HE made us a promise, and HIS WORD IS HIS BOND! HE WILL KEEP IT!

I challenge you, "IF" you need "SOMETHING" TODAY, JESUS will  BE THAT "SOMETHING" THAT YOU NEED!
Just whisper HIS name...JESUS...JESUS...JESUS.
Say HIS name, JESUS!
JESUS..come on lets call on HIM! JESUS!

At the name of Jesus everything will change!
Yes, it will!
JESUS, just the mention of HIS NAME.

HIS name shall be called JESUS, for HE shall save HIS people from their sins.

JESUS is the SAME always! The same yesterday, today and forever!

JESUS... JESUS... JESUS, sweetest name I know, fills my every longing!
Keeps me singing as I go!




Much Love, DeVonne.
D's Heart <3

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