Thursday, August 27, 2015

DOORS ~ DeVonne Reed

DOORS ~ DeVonne Reed
August 27, 2015. 6:00 am.

In my life, many times approaching the "right door" that GOD has opened is a bit of a challenge for me. Only because, I am a creature of habit.
Isn't it true, we all love what is familiar and comfortable?

At times, even after praying and believing for Gods perfect will to be done in my life, sometimes, I still question and I have found myself standing in the hallway, halting, in a valley of decision.

You know, you do it too! LOL :)

Well today, GOD has a new door for me!
I am placing a seal over ALL of the closed doors in my life.
I am making a sign that says, "CLOSED! NO ACCESS GRANTED!"

I am standing at the threshold of the new door that has my name written on it.
Not only is it opened! LOOK! GOD has taken it off the hinges just for me!


Much LOVE, DeVonne.
D's Heart <3

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