Monday, August 31, 2015

The Blame Game by DeVonne Reed

The Blame Game
By: DeVonne Reed

Isn't it true, that people do just what they want to do?!

Whether it is right or whether it is wrong!
There are choices to be made.
It is all good when the right choice is made.
But, let that same person make a WRONG choice...JESUS! Lord have mercy!

They will blame their cat, their dog, their goldfish, and if you are close enough to them they will blame you, too! They will try to pin the blame anyone, except themselves. When in fact no one helped them make their decision to do what they do!

Does anyone have a mirror? Hand it to them! Tell them to take a long look in it, at themselves! There it is! There is the problem! There is your problem!
It is YOU!

We all know this is true, also! "To every action there is a reaction!"

Every choice that is made, it will either serve you with good benefits or the consequences will prove your character and the price you will have to pay will be horrific! In the end, it will end up costing you more than you wanted to pay.

Remember, you and I do not possess enough power over others, we cannot make another person do one thing! Unless you are a master manipulator, then possibly you could make someone do something!
 But, most people choose their own behavior.

If folks, husbands, wives, parents, best friends, sisters, brothers, if we would would stop taking responsibility for these people and their behavior and we would stop enabling them and finally call them out, and hold them responsible for their own actions, then possibly things could change!

No, Things Would Change!

Choose wisely!

Choosing to sow good seed and doing the right thing, in the first place, is always good! You will reap that which is good!


In doing the right thing, it will cause you to prosper, and there will be peace in your life!

If you don't like all of the bad things you are reaping, STOP sowing your evil seeds.

For goodness sake, stop playing the part of being the victim, especially when you are the one who has caused it! You do it to yourself, all by yourself!

Stop playing the blame game!
Quit blaming people!
Quit blaming the devil!
Quit blaming GOD!


Much Love, DeVonne.
D's Heart <3

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