Monday, September 28, 2015

Valley Of The Shadow Of Death ~ DeVonne Reed

Thank you, Holy Spirit of God. September 28, 2015.

HE said, I See You Right Where You Are...
You Have Been In A Long Battle...You Are A Wounded Soldier, Lying There In Your Own Blood, Yes, Your Have Been Abandoned By People, They Left You Alone, Left You For Dead! But, I Was And I AM With You, Always.

I hear HIS voice...
HE SPEAKS...HE says,

"MY Child I Say, LIVE And Do Not Be Afraid, For I AM with you! You STILL Have A Little Strength, I See Your Hand Reaching Up. I Have Covered You. I Have Had MY Intercessors Standing In The Gap Making Up The Hedge.
MY WORD Is Your Shied And Your Sword.
I Have Been With You. Take MY Hand, I AM Reaching Down, Helping You, I AM Pulling You Up. You Are A Bit Shaken, But, You Are Up, Standing On Your Feet, Again! Trust ME, I WILL SUSTAIN YOU.

HE said, Look At Your Scars, Don't Be Ashamed Of Them, Don't Cover Them Up!
I AM Touching Your Scars, I AM Pouring In Oil And Wine. Breathe...Can You Smell ME? I AM The Rose of Sharon, My fragrance is Surrounding You. MY atoning Blood IS Covering You and Healing You.
There Is A Cause! There STILL Is A Balm In Gilead.

Your Scars...Are Only Reminders, That You Fought, And You Won! You Are An Overcomer....Show Your Scars To Your Enemy! Your Battle Scars, Represent Your VICTORY!

HE Said, Now, Because Of Your PAIN And Your Experience, You Can Help Someone Else. You Can Give Them The HOPE That You Have...Allow Them To See You. Then They Will Know Too, That They CAN and WILL..................... MAKE IT THROUGH THEIR VALLEY OF THE SHADOW OF DEATH!"

Much Love, DeVonne
D's Heart <3

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