Thursday, September 10, 2015

Written And Read ~ DeVonne Reed

Written  And  Read
by DeVonne Reed
September, 10, 2015.

I remember our nightly routine, it consisted of reading the Bible and praying together.
No one was exempt from
We gathered as a unit, the whole family.

Daddy asked us to focus our attention and listen to him as he would read the story that he was instructed to read, by the Holy Spirit.

As he began to read, I listened to Daddy! He read with such passion and conviction, that I always felt like I was a part of the story.

Daddy inspired me! As he read, he would explain the WORD of GOD it came alive in me at a very early age.

I am grateful for the seed (which is the WORD of GOD) that Daddy and Mother placed within my heart.

I have received the best gift, the pearl of great price, Jesus and HE IS mine!
Yes, they instilled an inheritance that cannot be shaken or taken.
Jesus lives within me!

Even as an adult they still, encouraged me to always keep a hunger and thirst for GOD, to follow after and seek HIM and HIS Righteousness.

They also told me that I could eat this BREAD OF LIFE and I would never go hungry. I could drink this LIVING WATER and I would never thirst again.

Guess what?
I can still have as much of HIM as I want!
I NEED, I WANT and I DESIRE more, more and even more of Jesus!

My parents taught me The WORD of GOD IS the TRUTH. Yes, it was and still is the truth.

Truly, their lives were examples of their Faith in Jesus Christ. Through their love, dedication, and prayers, I have seen many miracles happen with my own eyes. Those truths, I will carry with me, always.
No one will ever convince me that these miracles did not happen, nor can anyone change my mind or cause me to believe anything different.

I knew that PRAYER WORKED then, even as a small child. I definitely know Prayer STILL Works today! Thank you JESUS!

Daddy and Momma, Thank you for allowing me to read your books! You made your dash count!
Thank you for giving me your LOVE, and your time.

You were written...and I read.  <3

Much love, DeVonne.
D's Heart <3


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