Monday, October 19, 2015

My Flight ~ DeVonne Reed

My Flight
By: DeVonne Reed
Monday October 19, 2015.
5:00 am.

In flight, I am on a journey and GOD IS my PILOT!

GOD is my Pilot, I have walked on board His vessel. I'm buckled in my first class seat. The Pilot just announced that my flight is right on schedule. My departure is smooth, fluid and flowing. I have removed my seat belt and reclined my seat. The flight attendants are treating me like I am royalty, because they recognize me.  I am HIS daughter.

The Pilot did not say how long the flight would take, nor did he mention that there may be delays or perhaps a few lay overs. But, I am safe inside.

He did not say that the flight wouldn't get bumpy at times, nor did he say I would not experience turbulence.  I am in HIM, resting, knowing I am safe. He is carrying me through the flight of my life. I rest assure that it will not be as rough, with Him in the cockpit of my heart. Even though I may be traveling through, or in the midst of a storm in my life. He Is carrying me!

I have faced irregular atmospheric motion and many pressures, many times in my life!

I have experience being agitated, and tossed to and fro, and even in the times of  the worst turbulence, I felt like I should get off of this flight, especially, when I knew my flight was about to crash. But, He reminded me HE Pilots Me! Then He gave specific instructions to me.

He spoke His Word. I heard Him clearly. Recognizing my Fathers voice, I heard Him say, with His still small voice, He gently whispered to me and said, "I HAVE YOU, SIT BACK NOW, AND DO NOT BE AFRAID. BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM YOUR GOD. I AM THE AT CONTROL PANEL. FEAR NOT, FOR I AM WITH YOU."

I followed His instruction. I gathered and composed myself. I place my seat back in the upright position. I buckled my seat belt and held on to every word he said, I trust THE Pilot. My Pilot.

I cannot tell you how many times, I have experienced His hand of protection in my life. But, I can tell you He has been and IS faithful to me. He has kept me and He will for the rest of my life.

HE is my Pilot, yes, He is the MASTER OF EVERYTHING! He is the ark of safety through every storm and He SPEAKS peace to the tempestuous winds of my life.

HE did not promise this journey, my journey would be an easy one. But, He did promise to take me to a place that He has prepared, for me, at the end of this journey. I will reach my destination, and land safely there.

Look! I see it! It is just ahead! In the distance, my home is just in sight!
With God as my PILOT, I will continue to enjoy, MY Flight.

Blessings and Much Love, DeVonne.
D's Heart <3

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