Sunday, February 22, 2015

Daddy ~ DeVonne Reed

My Daddy, a man of integrity. He walked in love and he extended compassion, to all people, what an example he was!

I am convinced, this was because, he remembered where the Lord brought him from, after all he was human, too, even though in my eyes he was so much more!

I listened and learned from my Daddy. Taking every word he spoke, into my heart.
 My Daddy was my hero! He still is! I miss him so much!

In August of 2010, he stepped out of this life into his eternal destination.
To be with the Lord!

This is my consolation, he is absent from his body, but I know, he is present with the LORD!

Psalm 116:15. PRECIOUS in the sight of the Lord is the death of HIS saints.

As child, I remember well, every day Mother busily scurring from room to room, finishing her tasks, so that when Daddy came in from work everything was in order.
He would take care of the things he needed to do at home. When he finished, he would gather all of us together, this was an every day event, it happened daily! I know this may sound strange to some of you, but we all sat together at the dining room table for supper. After supper we all went into the living room. Yes, we had a television. We had the opportunity to watch some programs.

But, we had family time, first. Family time, in the Simmons' home, consisted of Daddy reading the Bible and praying. I can still remember, we all knelt down together, in corporate evening prayer and after prayer,  Daddy would read the Bible to us.

I loved hearing him explain the stories he read. His words came alive! He made me see and he made me feel as though, I was right there, in the middle of what was going on in the lives of Daniel, David, Samson, the devil, the disciples, Mary, Martha, Mary, Joseph and so many more. Of course, I loved learning and knowing all of the details about my favorite person in the Bible, JESUS!
Daddy told, the greatest love story ever told, and oh, oh what a story! I LOVE YOU was WRITTEN IN RED!

He read about HEAVEN. I believe, Daddy truly had a vision of this beautiful place, in which he believed. When he spoke, his descriptions were vivid, and he made me see the beauty and magnificent splendor of it! He preached that heaven is a beautiful place insomuch,  that
I could see myself walking into the city of gold, that looks like clear glass. I could see the walls of jasper and the 12 foundations that were made of all manner of precious stones, and the gates that are made of one pearl. Imagine that!  The streets that are pure gold, as if it were transparent glass. Sometimes, I felt like, he had already been there!
I want to go there! How about you?

He read about Hell. His Biblical discription, made me know this place, Hell is not a place I desire to go! He preached that hell is hot, and miserable! He always asked this question, "What in hell do you want?" As he decsribed it fully, HELL: An enlarged place. A furnace of blazing fire.Weeping. Wailing. Gnashing of teeth. Outer darkness. Torments. Fire that shall never be quenched. Burns continually, night and day, forever.
I definitely do not want to go there!

Ahhhh Daddy, He was definitely,  of a kind!
I told Daddy, "I sit at the feet of Jesus, but I love to sit at yours and learn, also."
He would smile. Even though there were times, I did stumbled. I did fall. I disappointed him. But, he never judged me or anyone else for that matter. Daddy would say, "Repent quickly and make peace with God." He loved, and restored me!
I recall, two days before he drew his last breath. I was standing there beside him, he was holding my hand, he looked up at me, pointed his finger at me, he smiled, and these were his words to me..."YOU KNOW!" I replied, YES, DADDY I KNOW!

Daddy would say, "Don't You Ever Give Up and Dont Let Go!"


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