Monday, April 6, 2015


April 5th, 2015.

As I sit here in the sand, a couple of scriptures entered my mind and my spirit leaps within me!
Picture taken 4/5/2015.
Panama City Beach, Florida
D'sHeart <3

Psalms 139:17-18.

How PRECIOUS also are YOUR thoughts unto me, O God! How GREAT is the SUM of them! If I should COUNT them, they are MORE in number than the sand.

 How BEAUTIFUL! Looking at the sand, I am surrounded! It is on every side of me and underneath me, too!

It is at this very moment, I am reminded of just how much My FATHER LOVES me! Innumerable are HIS THOUGHTS about me... Therefore, I realize...
How Much I am Worth To HIM!


D's Heart <3

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