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Year End Clearance ~ DeVonne Reed

WRITTEN BY: DeVonne Reed.
December 30, 2014.

At this time, we have heard tons of commercials about huge clearance sales.
Companies, selling out old inventory and making way for new merchandise to arrive.

This is the word, I received at 4:30 am. December 30, 2014.

I heard, Holy Spirit, very clearly.
He said,
"Today is the day. It is time for the Year End Clearance!"

Clearance: the distance by which one thing clears another.
The space between them.
Vertical space available to allow easy passage under something.
Permission to proceed.

Clearance sale:
Inventory - clearance sale.
Reduce inventory.
Making room.

I heard, Holy Spirit say, "it is time to get rid of all of the junk, clutter, and unusable items.
Get rid of the stuff that is just laying around taking up too much space, in your life. It is time to take out the trash and empty it. GET RID OF IT!"
He said,
1. Clean your slate- Your life.
Get rid of ANYTHING, (ALL) that will separate you, from ME!

He said,
2. Clean out your closet- Your heart.
Get rid of all of that extra baggage. It is filled with weights, and they are too heavy for you to carry.
Take it out. EMPTY THE TRASH! Let go of the things you have carried and held onto for years. Such as: jealousy, anger, unforgiveness, wrath, malice, and hatred, etc. He said, go deep into every crevice, nook and cranny, clean it out and get rid of it!
There is no room for ME, as long as you continue to carry the deeds of the old man. Don't let bitterness defile your life any longer.
Take off the old tattered and torn garment and put on your new garment. Be renewed in the knowledge after the image of Jesus. There is a new place HE wants to take you to. It is a place of peace and rest."

3. He said, " walk in love, forebear, and FORGIVE, FORGIVE and FORGIVE!"

If we will cleanse ourselves, and reduce our inventory, get rid of our own cut-rate items, He will bring new ones. "IF" we can see, we need to let them go, and just DO IT, Father will see that we are willing to make room for Him, to work, putting the new things in their place.
HE has promised to give to each one of us direction.
When we decide to make the clearance, HE WILL give us clearance!
He will show us a passageway, He will give us a license to move forward. He will give us His permission, and His authorization, for us to proceed into this new year, fully equipped and ready for His use.

Much Love,
D'sHeart <3

~ DeVonne Reed

Walk in LOVE. Walk in freedom. Pray for your enemy.
Pray for those who use you. Pray for those who speak against you, falsely.

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