Saturday, April 11, 2015

Situations ~ DeVonne Reed


As you see, I have a lot to write about today. I realize this is a bit lengthy. Please consider reading the whole blog, and allow this note to sink into your spirit man, then allow Father to speak to you today. Listen to HIM and do what is necessary, to set yourself free


What is courage?

Bravery, a quality of spirit that enables you to FACE DANGER or PAIN without showing FEAR.

What is a coward?

A person who shows fear or timidity.

Fearful lacking courage; ignobly timid and faint-hearted. Afraid.
Timid: fear and lack of confidence.

From D's <3
Wouldn't you agree with me, that situations are easy to fall into, but most are very hard to escape from.

Some situations are easily dissolved.

Some require a lot of careful thought, and preparation, as we try to release others and ourselves, without causing pain. However, all of us KNOW that it is impossible.

Isn't it true, none of us desire to hurt anyone. Never, would we intentionally inflict pain upon anyone...especially those we love.
We only wish to protect them, especially their heart.

Each situation is different.

Sometimes we are unaware and unsure of how we arrived in the midst of where we find ourselves.
We end up looking in the mirror, asking ourselves this question, "What brought you here, to this this place?"

The answer is: a big thing called life! Life happens, while we are making plans.

No matter what situation we find ourselves in, I am convinced, "everything" happens for a specific reason. A season of time. A lesson or a blessing.
I believe in God's timing. HIS TIMING is perfect! I also believe in "divine appointments."

ALL situations, REQUIRE COURAGE! Whether it be starting or finishing them.

Just as it requires COURAGE to say, "hello," to someone for the first time.
It will take more COURAGE when and if the time ever occurs, to say, "farewell."

Take COURAGE, be BRAVE, be COURAGEOUS! Even if it hurts you to do it. Do it! Even if it means causing pain to someone you love, always be truthful with them, after all, isn't that the way of LOVE?

It is better to tell the truth, than to continue to comfort someone with words you think they want or need to hear.

Words of advice, "Never allow anything or anyone to make you unhappy, or to cause you to pay the awful price of losing your happiness!"  ~DjR.

We all know life is filled with choices. It is not always easy making the right ones. Is it?
Certainly, we do not always make the best choices, and at times, unintentionally,
you and I may cause ourselves and others to feel deep pain.

Aren't we are creatures of habit? We find ourselves in a revolving door, that never seemingly stops. I once heard that, "insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results."
Well said, wouldn't you agree?

If it is causing you pain, release it and let it go, LET IT GO!
No, it will NOT be easy...just do it! Do it, anyway!

Go on now...close the door, and lock it behind you. Because you are not going that way.

Here is a thought...
A puzzle is just a bunch of pretty, colorful, cut pieces in a box...UNTIL, we decide to work it. You and I, will never see a finished picture, until it is completely put together.

I cannot tell you how many times, I have put puzzles together, getting down to finalizing the picture, saying to myself, "Yes! I am down to the last few pieces." Only to find out, that the last piece, is not in the box! It is missing. WOW! How frustrating! All of that effort, only to be disappointed! How sad! It isn't worth keeping it, because it will never be able to be completed. It will only take up storage space.

It is the same in life. My Daddy always told me, "you cannot force a round peg into a square hole."

God sees, HE understands and HE KNOWS ALL about us!

GOD can mend and restore you, every part of you! NOW, right now, at this very moment.

Pick up your heart, no matter how torn and shredded it may be. Carry your fragments to HIM. Trust HIM. HE is able. HE will make something truly beautiful out of your all of your brokenness. ~DjR

Be a BRAVE soldier, BE COURAGEOUS. Take the first step and march forward.

Much Love, DeVonne.
D'sHeart <3

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