Thursday, April 9, 2015

Life Is What YOU Make It! ~ DeVonne Reed

Life Is What YOU Make It! 4/9/2015.
~ DeVonne Reed

Thinking about how many people, grown folks... who are so quick to point their finger of accusation towards you, along with these words coming out of their mouth, "LOOK, WHAT YOU MADE ME DO!"

Pretty heavy, right? Wow! We must be very powerful creatures, to be able to create your world!
People are continually, steadily and readily blaming others for the way their lives have turned out.

When in fact, they have created their own drama. By the choices they have made, ALL BY THEMSELVES. It is your own snare, your own trap, your own pit and you are blaming others, because want someone else to fall with you, when you are fallen.

It is due to the words we speak, the actions we take, the choices we make. What we did yesterday definitely has an effect on where we are today. Remember, we caused it.

We are to blame and we are the reason for the season, we are walking through, right now. It comes through what we allow! Keep allowing it- it will continually keep happening. It is a vicious cycle. Only you and I can STOP IT!

Yes, sometimes the devil attacks. But remember he is a created being, also. He cannot create! He cannot speak the truth, he only speak lies! Remember, he is the father of ALL LIES! We have the option, not to listen to him!

Yes, sometimes GOD may allow you to experience things. But it is usually HIS permissive will, not HIS PERFECT WILL for your life.
Remember, HE KNOWS WHAT IS BEST for you and I. HE WILL WALK AND TALK with us, HE will lead and guide us. Yes, HIS WAY IS PERFECT!

The ony way we will ever come out of this, is to grow up! Accept the fact, YOU and I are the "one" to blame. LET'S OWN UP TO IT! LET'S OWN IT!
It is "Me," "Myself, " and "I."
I did this!

We are no longer children. Grow up, start acting your age, instead of your shoe size!
It is not your parents fault!
It is not your spouses fault!
It is not your children's fault!
It is not your bosses fault!
It is not your pastors fault!

Take a long look in the mirror...if we don't like what we are seeing, then we must be the one to CHANGE IT!

Take responsibility for yourself.

Start over!


Proverbs 18:21.
Death and Life are in the power of the tongue: and they that LOVE it shall eat the fruit thereof.

Life Is What You and I Make It!
Make It Count!

D'sHeart <3

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